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Matthew is a very kind and supportive tutor with loads of experience and expertise that he generously passes on to his students.
I highly recommend his forthcoming classes.

MaryAnne Hunt (Studio Practice)

Matt is like your encouraging mum, a kinder, more constructive version of your own inner critic, and your hilarious pal- all rolled into one amazing being that I for one feel flippin lucky to be tutored by. Why struggle on alone when you could have all that?

Topaz Pauls

(studio practice)

I have had the total pleasure of taking classes and being mentored by Matt and it absolutely changed the way I work. I think one of his best skills is being able to work across a wide variety of artists’ styles while encouraging you to develop your individuality and avoid cloning his own style on to others. He can approach any painting and know exactly how to help the artist make it work by advising on colour, texture, composition and more. A knowledgeable, kind and funny tutor who I would highly recommend.

Krissy Stewart

(Studio Practice)

I have not been to The Yellow House yet, but Matt is one of the best teachers I have ever met, (and I have some brilliant ones!).

Claudia Nocentini 

(LSA Painting Course)

Matt is an amazing artist and tutor. if you get a chance to work with him grab it. It might just change your life, it definitely did mine! he is seriously good and these classes will be brilliant

Jude Nixon

(studio practice)

Great teacher....enthusiastic, passionate and engaged with all things paint. I would happily recommend Matt as an artists' guru.

David Maxwell

(studio practice)

A brill tutor...if you can get won't regret it!!

Hazel Hay

(Studio Practice)

Love of paint and enthusiasm will be in abundance and totally contagious in any of Matt's classes.

Colette Walker

(Studio Practice)

I was tutored by Matt at Leith School of Art. He's a brilliant painting mentor/tutor - sensitive, knowledgable and really takes time to listen to his students. Highly recommended!

Victoria Evans

(Leith School of Art)

Matt has a well deserved reputation as a fantastic arts tutor. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his classes take it, you won't regret it!

Alison Stewart 

(studio practice)

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