Studio Practice


Thursdays 10am - 4pm

9th January 2020


2nd April 2020 

(half term 13th February)

£480 (12 classes)

concessions available


This is a class for individuals who are making their own work but would like support and instruction to help develop it further.​

All levels are welcome.

The class will be structured around students' continuing their own work, with individual tutorials to identify the core of their practice and devise strategies to take it forward.  The course will provide students with critical feedback on their work, introduce new practical skills and advice on how to continue in the future.​​

Occasionally there will be short, practical workshops. This will introduce new working possibilities with a wide range of methods and materials such as pigments and binders, wax mediums and printmaking techniques. 

The course is student led and helps you however you need it e.g.:

  • push your work further;

  • explore colour;

  • develop ideas and projects;

  • discover new materials;

  • develop an art school portfolio;

The studio will be equipped with a range of drawing and painting materials for students to use. Including paper, charcoal, graphite, acrylic and oil paint, pigments, binders and solvents. A full list will be provided prior to the course so students know what additional materials they may wish to bring along.

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