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From The Landscape to the Studio

Throughout this week, our focus will be on gathering information from the natural landscape to serve as the foundation for more elaborate pieces created back in the studio. From Monday to Wednesday, we'll immerse ourselves in the inspiring environment of the Corbenic Poetry Path. During our time there, we'll initially take a broad exploration of the landscape, gradually honing in on focal points and developing motifs. On location, we will also endeavour to identify the different types of information we may need back in the studio. Our aim is to collect a diverse range of information that will inform our work once we return to the studio.

Once back in the studio, our objective will be to distill and integrate the insights gathered from our outdoor experience into cohesive and substantial artworks. We'll strive to refine our focus and establish a distinctive way of working, selecting and blending the gathered information to create impactful pieces of art.

July 29th - August 2nd
10am - 4pm

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